The offer

Our hotel is up and running for the whole year. For our guests we prepared 7 individual wood kennels which also include a lying platform. There is also a big (more than 100 square meters) fenced run, located on a plot on a surface of 1500 square meters .At the disposal dogs we also have a a heated building with three individual beds and two rooms prepared in our house. Miniature breeds and aged dogs stay with us in our house, which is in a nice and calm area of semi-detached houses. Apart from enjoying the spacious run, our guests are taken for two long walks each day. We are also able to provide appropriate feeding, based on individual preferences.
Our guests are taken care of 24/7, and there is a Vet Clinic nearby (1, 5 km’s from our hotel), which can always be visited in case of an emergency. Our company does have the official statistical veterinary number, granted by the District Veterinary Officer.
Because we care about physical and mental wellbeing of our guests, we need all of them to have their current medical record book, with the record of all vaccinations, deworming, and we also need a proof of the dog being protected from ticks and fleas. We keep the medical record book for the whole length of your dog’s stay.
Price depends on your dog’s size and the length of its stay in our hotel.
Limited number of dogs we admit at once helps us treat them all individually.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.